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Louisiana DMR Repeater List

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MFJ Enterprises 

MTC Amateur Radio

Radio Academy DMR Course

Amateur Radio guide to DMR Radio

Logbook of the World

ARRL Audio News

ARRL Letter Online


ARRL Public Relations

ARRL Divisions

International Amateur Radio Union


Radio Society of Great Britain

Radio Amateurs of Canada

Ham Radio Newsline

Daily DX

Ham Radio Nation

DX World

Satellite Flybys

W5YI Resources for Amateur Radio

FCC Home Page – To register for the ULS on-line

Available Vanity Callsigns. Very good web site!

The QRZ Daily FCC Report

VK2TIP’s Electronics-tutorials The Amateur Television Directory


Welcome to Quarter Century Wireless Association

FISTS Home Page CW Organization

YLRL Home Page

The 3905 Century Club Home Page

K3WWP Ham Activities Page

Jeff’s SSTV Page

W9CTO’s Page

HOMING IN – Radio Direction Finding with Joe Moell, K0OV

Amateur Radio Ham URL Callbook (Japan)

VK’s on the Internet

WA3KEY Virtual Collins Radio Museum

The Heathkit Virtual Museum

MapQuest! Welcome! Free Road Maps to Anywhere

CQ Magazine Home Page

The NIST Time and Frequency Division Home Page
Set the clock on your computer to the atomic clock via the internet. Download free software from this web site!

Voice of America News (English)

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page



Society of Broadcast Engineers

Broadcast Supply Worldwide

Motorola Amateur Radio Association

Repeaterbook Repeater lookup site

East River Amateur Radio

Udemy Courses online

W1GHZ online antenna book:

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