In radio telecommunications, a repeater is an electronic device that receives a radio signal and automatically retransmits it. Repeaters are used to extend transmissions so that the signal can cover longer distances or be received on the other side of an obstruction. Repeaters are usually located on tall towers, tops of buildings, mountain tops or other places above average ground level. The higher elevation allows the signal to travel much further before it is blocked by the curvature of the earth. Repeaters allow stations that are out of each other’s line-of-sight range to communicate reliably.

A radio repeater usually consists of a radio receiver connected to a radio transmitter. The received signal is amplified and retransmitted, often on another frequency.  Generally there are two frequencies associated with a repeater. Typically a repeater station listens on one frequency, A, and transmits on a second, B. All mobile stations listen for signals on channel B and transmit on channel A. Usage of a duplexer can allow the repeater to use one antenna for both receive and transmit at the same time.

In Springhill there are two VHF analog repeaters for local communications and one UHF DMR repeater with two channels. The digital DMR repeater has one channel for local traffic and one channel for Ark-La-Tex wide area regional traffic. The plan is to network the Ark-La-Tex network to cover Shreveport, Texarkana, El Dorado, Monroe and all points in between with the Ark-La-Tex network linking.

Springhill Repeater frequencies are:

N5II/R              146.130- Mhz mobile TX and 146.73 Mhz mobile Rx

AF5P/R             147.165+ Mhz mobile TX and 147.765 Mhz mobile Rx

N5IGN/R        443.750 +Mhz mobile TX and 448.750 Mhz mobile RX Color Code 1 talkgroup 312209

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To get your DMR ID go to this site DMR-Marc Worldwide Network ID Registration

DMR code plugs for popular radios are available on this site under DMR and code plugs. The information you need to work the Springhill UHF DMR repeater is already programmed.