New Repeater – 443.750 / 448.750 Mhz

The New Mototrbo SLR-5700 Repeater being tested at Dr. Mike, N9GI’s, house. So far it is a all is well A OK ready to go.


As you can see the 443.750 DMR Repeater is being operated off of two antennas. A home-brew Slim-Jo, for receive and a 8 bay folded loop Dipole for transmit. At this height we can reach MacDonald’s. Eventually when the duplexer is tuned it will be moved to its permanent location where its “sister” repeater the VHF 146.13 / 73 Mhz repeater is located. With an output of 50 watts on 443.750 Mhz we are expecting great coverage and looking forward to many Amateur Radio operators being ushered into the world of digital radio.