I’m Working On

David Smith, K5ST,has been working on getting the words in all the areas of the website. He requests everyone pitch in and make suggestions and add links to what is there to make it a real asset to individuals wanting to get a license or new have that have recently received their license. David has also been working on getting his satellite tracking antennas, rotors and software working. Anyone interested in working the satellites call David.

Mike Hughes, N9GI,has been working on getting the DMR code plugs updated for the new DMR repeater and getting internet connectivity to the tower site to begin making the Ark-La-Tex DMR wide area network to connect Shreveport, Texarkana, El Dorado, Monroe and all points in between together for Skywarn and other emergency response needs. It will also give us some new blood to talk to in our region and bring us a lot of new club members.

Dayton Roberts, N5IGN,has been working on getting internet connectivity to the tower site and a related firewall to keep out the rif-raf. Dayton is also active in Microwave activity and 6 meters and has built a drone from scratch. It has GPS built in and he can fly it about seven miles from his house and it will return by itself. Except once L. Dayton is also planning on attending a couple of long range hamfests in the near future.

Robert Smith, KJ5SO,has been working on keeping up the echo link so that hams out there can access the local repeater via internet access using their computer. Robert is also the resident expert in SDR communications and has been working on some things for display at the next Lumberjack Festival display booth.

Bill Sale, N5II,has been working on getting the ham blub their IRS 501c3 status. Thank you Bill. He has also been working on learning how to use his new Icom IC-7610 HF SDR radio.  Probably been working on a few dishwashers and washing machines also.

Don Bohannon, N5YE,has been working on learning how to operate his new Kenwood TS-590 HF radio.

Jim Nicolaisen, KG5OYD,has been working on getting his first HF ham radio on the air. He has probably also been working on a car or two at work.

James Cheatum, AF5P,has been working on getting ready to go to the Mena Hamfest at Queen Willamena Lodge and getting the Magnolia tower trailer and antennas confirmed for the demonstration booth at the Lumberjack Festival.