Happenings and Upcoming Events:

The Club is in the process of planning short term, medium term and long term goals. Your input is appreciated. Email with suggestions to be discussed at upcoming club meetings.

Hamfests, etc. of interest to local hams are listed below:

4/27/2019         West Monroe, LA Hamfest

5/04/2019         Ruston, LA Hotdog Social

5/11/2019         Delhi, LA Tailgate gathering

5/17-18/2019    Dayton, OH Hamfest

6/7-8/2019        Plano, TX Hamfest

6/22-23/2019    Field Day Springhill, Frank Anthony Park Pavillion

8/2-3/2019        Austin, TX Hamfest

8/10/2019         Shreveport Hamfest

8/17/2019         Huntsville, AL Hamfest

8/30-31/2019    Shelby, NC Hamfest

9/6/2019           Mena, AR Hamfest

10/10-11/2019 Springhill Lumberjack Festival with ham demonstration booth

11/2/2019         Lawrenceville (Stone Mountain), GA Hamfest

12/??/2019        Minden Hamfest


Go to www.arrl.organd click on hamfest tab for more info.


The club will be holding a technician class training class to get your ham license. Watch the paper for dates and times to be determined. At the end of the Technician Class, students will want to take their ham test. So a number of local hams are re-enlisting as Federal Communications Commission Volunteer Examiners (VEs) and we will begin offering the amateur radio license examinations is Springhill, LA.

The club is planning on getting the national weather service to present a Skywarn presentation in the near future. Anyone interested in weather spotting or Skywarn is encouraged to attend. Watch the paper for notices.

The club got the new APRS digipeater working to track vehicles on 144.39 MHz. It is working really well. Go to on the web and type in 71075 zip code and see the tracking activity around Springhill for the last few days and everywhere else on the globe also. We will use this to track our high altitude balloon flight project later this year.

The club is working on converting the 146.165 MHz repeater into a communications digipeater for packet (internet free) ham emails. Mike (N9GI) is also setting up an electronic Bulletin Board server for depositing and retrieving ham emails similar to how you send and receive emails on Yahoo or Gmail. With packet you don’t have to rely on the internet or phone services. Emails are all sent over ham radio. The idea is to be able to utilize worldwide emails for emergency communications in case the internet and phone system ever go down due to natural or man-made disaster.